We’ve Reached Our Peak


Our 2 year anniversary was absolutely amazing!  It was by far the best anniversary I’ve ever experienced, and we definitely went all out.  I’m not really sure why we decided to go so big for the 2-year.  Maybe because we finally are in the same place at the same time and we could.

When it comes to anniversaries I always worry that one person is going to get a gift for the other and the other won’t get a gift and it will be a bad experience so I have always made a point to discuss what we both want out of the anniversary.  E told me that we were going to dinner and we were definitely celebrating.  He made a pretty big deal of it being a surprise and not telling me where we were going.  So I decided I needed to get him something, but  I was having a hard time deciding what to surprise him with.  Then it hit me…

He is in the process if buying a new acoustic guitar.  It is pretty expensive because it’s a Taylor (think really well made beautiful sounding guitar), and the whole process was pretty complicated because E is left-handed so they don’t keep them in stock so he can’t just go try it out.  So they were going to order the one he wanted for him to try, but it turns out Taylor doesn’t make the type he wanted anymore.  Then they were going to order another one in for him, but it turned out the only way they make them is if you order it and purchase it and E didn’t want to buy a guitar without playing it first (I wouldn’t either).  Through some amazing twist of fate the distributor had one on hand because someone bought one and backed out, so they lent it to the guitar store for E to try.  So he did and he fell in love.  Then he had to sell some guitars to be able to afford the down payment (they let him put the guitar on layaway and they gave him a discount because they are amazing human beings and our new best friends).

So my grand idea was “Hey I’ll pay for the rest of his guitar and bring it home and surprise him.”  Then I had to plan the logistics of actually getting the guitar without him finding out…So I went to the music store a couple weeks ago and told them that I was going to pay for the rest of the guitar in two weeks and swore them to secrecy.  I told them when E would probably be in to put more money down for the guitar and everything was good to go.  I planned on going to the guitar store early on our anniversary celebration day while E was running his errands for the day.

Of course as all great plans go this didn’t really work out exactly seamlessly but I’ll get to that…

Our day started with me coming home at 0700 from a 12 hour work day, watching infomercials, then coming upstairs and waking up E.  Then we watched an episode of viva pinata on my phone.  (I was trying to explain the game to him so I showed him the kids show).  It’s basically the best kids show ever, and most demented game, and I want it.  Never mind that I don’t own any kind of console (our roommate has an xbox 360 so I could totally play it)  Then he got up to run errands, one of which was going to the guitar store to put more money on the guitar.  This totally disrupted my plan.  So I told him I was going to wait to run my errands and just stay home to start making myself look like a human being. (It’s a process)  Then he came home way earlier than I expected.  He bought me these amazing orchids and a card, which has the same type of orchids on it!  It wasn’t planned.  He had no idea they were the same flower-in fact he was thrilled that he managed to match the envelope color with the flower color.  And the card was actually a birthday card which he scratched out and wrote anniversary then scratched out all the “you’s” and wrote in “me and you” and “our” it was cute, and he pretty much does this every year.  One year for my birthday he gave me a get well card.  I still have it.  It has a kitten on it-in a vat of soup.

Anyways the whole thing was really cute.  I’m not allowed to actually touch the flowers because I’ll break or kill them.  But I will look at them from afar and enjoy.

So at this point he still hadn’t gone to the guitar store so I practically pushed him out of the house.  When he got home he decided to take a shower and it was my turn to go to the guitar store, which took longer than it had to because traffic was stupid, and people can’t drive.  I talked to the owner of the store for a couple minutes and he was all “yeah, I was a little confused when E came in..” and I explained what happened, and he asked what we were doing for our anniversary.  I told him that E wouldn’t tell me (It turns out E had told him and didn’t even say it was a surprise because he had no idea I wold be talking to the guy at all because I’m good at surprises).  Basically the store owner is the best liar ever and was totally in on both of our surprises so he is the real hero of the day.  Especially since he knew for about two weeks and never gave it away. I totally owe him something like a gift basket or something cool-I don’t know him that well) Then after I get the guitar to my car and drive half way home I realize I don’t have my phone and I have a mild anxiety attack because I can’t remember if I brought it with me or not.  So I turn around and go back to the store.  It’s not there so they call it (and I’m praying for E not to answer it if I did leave it at home), but no one answers it and I have it on vibrate so it’s not like I could hear it that well even if i had dropped it somewhere.  So I go back to my car and drive home in the stupid traffic again (Nothing is simple with me-stuff like this always happens.  I’m used to it now so I just mentally prepare to have some kind of panic attack every time I leave the house.  BTW the phone was totally on my bed at the house the whole time)

I decided to make E do a scavenger hunt to find the guitar and all the hints were a rhyme-ey poem.  They eventually led him to my car and directed him to open the hatch.  When we got to that part he just stared through my back window, speechless.  It was a great reaction.  When he did speak it was something like “That looks like a…Is that? No…It’s…What?  How did you?…”  So we brought the guitar inside and he hugged me for ten minutes then he played his guitar for a bit.  I finished getting ready and prepared for my surprise, which was pretty damn amazing.

I know this post is long but there is just so much detail that made the whole day amazing so I apologize.

E’s brother went to culinary school in Chicago,  and now he works at a really nice restaurant in Pittsburgh called Eleven (I mention it by name because we had an amazing time and they deserve the praise.)  I guessed a while ago that we might be going there but E lied and told me No.  But that still wasn’t the whole surprise.  We got there early and when we gave the hostess our name she told us we could wait in the lounge because she had to tell the chef we were there.  According to E the look on my face was priceless because I’m thinking “tell the chef…what the…”  which was probably confusing for everyone working there because I still didn’t know what we were doing and they were probably wondering why I seemed a little lost (they probably just thought I was slow.)

When we went to wait in the lounge E broke down and explained that they had to tell the chef we were there because we were going to be in our own special area of the restaurant, and.   we would be served an 8-course meal with beer pairings.  None of the food we were being served is actually on the menu.  It is all specially designed and prepared just for us.

Now, neither of us have ever done anything like that-and usually the restaurant doesn’t do beer pairings for this, just wine, but they hooked us up to the nth degree.  All of the food was amazing.  Luckily, we aren’t picky at all so we were able to enjoy the entire meal.  We ate every last morsel.  Our favorites were the sea scallops with foi gras, sweet corn, peach gastrique, and brioche (I only remember this because they gave us menus at the end) and Jamison farm lamb with chanterelle risotto, wax beans, lamb bacon, vin cotto, and chimichurri.  Everything  was a complete surprise to us because we weren’t given a menu beforehand so the brought out our beer and told us what it was, then brought our food and the chef would come explain what it was and we would eat it and discuss, which was basically us pointing at it and saying “oh my god that’s amazing” over and over again.

At the end, last course-the dessert- was a beautiful “candybar” made of chocolate with a creamy peanut butter filling on top of a brownie with home made ice cream with a pretzel and peanut brittle on the side with some caramel sauce.  They also made a beautiful little chocolate plaque for each of our plates with “Happy Anniversary” written on it…I took a picture.

Basically the evening couldn’t have been better.  The food was so amazing I just don’t have words to describe it.

It was a great experience, and we decided we will definitely do something like this again (though it definitely has to be planned for because it’s not inexpensive-at all)

I was completely out of my element, but it was fun to get dressed up and go out and try something new.

If you were at the restaurant last night you may have seen us.  I was the girl in the purple dress with a gnome tattoo on her arm.


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