Exactly How Large Is Your Stomach?


So my 2 year anniversary with E is one week away, but we are celebrating 3 days early on the 10th because I had to work on our real anniversary.  I don’t have to work on that day anymore, because coincidentally someone needed the 16th off and offered to give me the 13th off in exchange.  Anyways we are celebrating the 10th.

I’m excited because it’s the 1st anniversary we will celebrate and not have to travel across state lines just to see each other, which is amazing after being in long distance relationships for a good part of my history of relationships.

I’m also excited because E and I are surprising each other with surprises!  He’s taking me somewhere to eat and he got me something “little,” and I, for serious, have no clue where we are going or what he got me.  We are even, because he is also clueless about his surprise.  He keeps trying really hard to get me to slip up and tell him what it is.  He’s tried all the tricks in the book.  Like, asking out of the blue what the surprise is, when I least expect it.  But I created that game so it doesn’t work.  He also tried the “compare it quantitatively to this other innocuous object” game.  It went like this:

E:  Is it bigger than a bread basket?

Me:  Hmmm…I don’t know.  Maybe?  I mean I’ve heard of a breadbox, but I’m not sure about a bread basket.  What is a bread basket?  Isn’t that what doctors used to call a stomach?  Exactly how large is your stomach?

so after some very brief googling I determined that it’s boxers that call it a bread basket not doctors.  I only thought it was doctors because of the game Operation.

Close enough.



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